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What is a miracle - Knowing Gods will and seeing the miracles in the bible from the old testament to new testament in christianity

What is a miracle - How can I see miracles and what are the miracles in the bible from the old testament to new testament in christianity.. Read on..

What is a miracle

By Thomas Zachariah

Usually things that happen naturally in the world, you do not call that a miracle. But things that happen beyond the comprehension of man are called miracles. If you throw a stone into the sky, it goes a distance and then stops and then it comes down. This is but natural. But if that stone lifts itself up, it is unnatural. Something that we do not comprehend is influencing the stone. But if scientifically you are able to understand what that power is, then you will not count that incident as unnatural.

We read in the Bible that Jesus walked on water. That is a miracle. But scientifically if you can find what was behind that incident, then it will not be counted as a miracle. But how our Lord Jesus did that, nobody has yet scientifically proven that. For none of the miracles that Jesus did, have there been any scientific explanation. Today also he is performing miracles.

When a stone is thrown, against the force of the stone, there is another power that is working against it. The gravity force that the earth puts on the stone is greater than the force at which the stone is traveling. This is the law of nature. In the similar way, when Jesus walked on the water, he put a different and stronger force than the water had in itself. When Jesus fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and when he healed the blind, he applied a supernatural power on that particular situation.

When a person believes in the Lord and he prays, the supernatural power of the Lord is applied in that situation. For the Lord, it is a simple and possible thing for him.

It maybe a miracle for us, but it is not a miracle for the Lord!!

So again I ask, what is a miracle

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