Discover steps in finding the will of God

Knowing God’s Will

Finding the will of God – 7 tips for discerning God’s will

Time after time, people have desired in knowing god’s will through the Bible. Questions such as

Knowing God's will

a) What are the steps in Knowing God’s will and what is Gods will for my life?

b) Am I knowing and doing the will of god

c) What is the perfect will of god, as mentioned in the word of God

Understanding and knowing God’s will is critical while we make both small and big decisions in life. Taking time to understand his will and how it manifests will result in greater blessings in our life.

How do I know the purpose and plan of God in my life. This can be answered by understanding few of these facts:-

a) We have a caring Heavenly Father – As a father, God desires the good of his children. Like a father is kind to his children,so the Lord is kind to those who honor him. If you are “his child” then truly he loves you and knows whats best for you. So, it is important to keep this in context that his thoughts are for your good and thoughts of peace.

b) Do not do anything that the Bible forbids. If the bible forbids it, it is not the will of God. There is no negotiation with God on that issue.

c) Faithfulness in small things – If God has asked you to follow the basic things of life, such as do not steal or lie, yet you have been unfaithful in those aspects, then why should God reveal to you his will for your future. It is important to be faithful in small things, so greater revelation of God in our life is revealed. Many times Christians do not understand the will of god or listen to the voice of God in their lives, because they have been not been faithful in small issues

d) Reading the word of God – When you are in tune with God can you understand his will. Like a radio tunes to the right radio station to receive messages, we need to tune our lives to Gods word to understand and knowing God’s will.

Reading and meditating on the Word of god in your time of need is a powerful method in knowing god’s will.

e) Consult with Godly people - Another powerful method is to consult with Godly people. Take counsel from Godly parents or the pastor of your church. They desire your success and will impart you with wisdom in your situation.

f) Pray and seek wisdom – Praying is another tool for finding the will of god. God reveals his will through prayer and shows signs when you truly ask of him to reveal them.

g) Peace as a result of our decisions - The bible says that peace will be revealed in our life as a result

When considering between two options that you have been praying about, sometimes one of the options will give you a greater peace. That option is probably God’s will.

(Isaiah 32:17) states that -
The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever .

These steps should help you to in Knowing God’s will in your life!!

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